Baking with Cannabis – Infuse your recipes!

Feb 16, 2022 | Cannabis

Cannabis baking tips to help your with your next baking infused dish.

These days, baking with cannabis is so much more than weed brownies. Gone are the days of cannabis-infused foods that lack finesse; now, baking with these ingredients can be as much of a hobby or practiced activity as anything else.


Before you start measuring your ingredients and preheating the oven, there’s an important step that has to be taken. Decarboxylation is an easy, but essential, piece of the cannabis checklist.

Ingesting raw cannabis doesn’t produce the “high” effect you’re probably seeking, but decarboxylation, aka heating up the product ahead of adding it to a recipe, converts THCA and CBDA to good old THC and CBD. Temperatures and times vary, but don’t cut out this step.


Once decarboxylated, you’re not quite out of the woods just yet. Next, you’ll want to use an herb grinder to get the dried flower into a powder form.

The two most popular ways to infuse are with cannabis oil or cannabutter. THC is able to dissolve in fats, which is why people choose these most often as their starting point. This also makes it easier to disguise the earthy flavor present in the powder. Balancing out the palette is as important here as it is with any other cooking ingredient.

Use high quality ingredients for the bases of butters and oils — maybe spring for a trip to Whole Foods or the like.


Proper preparation in baking with cannabis is important!


Once you have your base (cannabis oil or cannabutter) ready to go, cook with it as you would any other item. Add it to your favorite cookies, brownies, or cakes. For the more adventurous, use that oil to make a cannabis-infused vinaigrette for salads, dips, or pizza.

Just when you thought the perfect dessert couldn’t get any more perfect…we’re here to prove you wrong. And, as always, the staff here at Wallflower is happy to answer any questions you might have and help steer you in the right direction when it comes to effects and flavors. Start exploring our full inventory now!