10 Best Las Vegas Chinatown Restaurants

May 27, 2021 | Gems, Las Vegas

Las Vegas provides an assortment of culinary cultures. As one of the most exciting places around, it prides itself on having some of the best restaurants in the world. From French cuisine to buffets, this city has it all when it comes to eating delicious meals. However, if you want to experience a rewarding meal, you need to head west from the Strip. Chinatown stretches over three miles of Spring Mountain Road. The location has no hotels or much of a residential presence aside from a few apartment buildings. The assortment of food you find here will leave you satisfied for days. With that said, let’s go over some of the best Las Vegas Chinatown Restaurants

1. Raku

The owner of this restaurant has managed to create an excellent restaurant that provides a fine selection of Japanese food. Chef Mitsuo Endo adapted Japanese street food through a sophisticated setting, making Raku one of the most must-eat places in Chinatown. The restaurant offers you a selection of fresh fish that can be grilled, fried, or prepared as sashimi. It can also be stuck with tiny picks used to roast over a charcoal fire on the robata grill. They also provide a selection of pork, beef liver, foie gross, and more.  The condiments they serve also come with a personal touch and include Japanese plum soy sauce. If you are looking for some Japanese dining, then this should be your go-to.


2. Lamaii

Lamaii was opened by a former sommelier from the award-winning Lotus of Siam restaurant, named Bank Atcharawan. The restaurant serves traditional Thai favorites along with a modern spin on Thai cuisine small plates, such as Taro crispy rolls, ceviche, satay salad, and deep-fried chicken wings.

The main dishes are some Thai favorites, such as drunken noodles, Pad See Aew, and Pad Thai chicken.  Other courses include duck basil fried rice, fried catfish with curry paste, deep-fried whole sea bass, and garlic herb crispy prawn. With a sommelier like Atcharawan at the helm, Lamaii provides an assortment of delicious foods and wines that will leave you satisfied in ways you never expected.


3. China Mama

China Mama is a restaurant that provides its guests with an impressive assortment of dishes. The restaurant serves Chinese dishes from every region of China. The place has two menus that you can choose from. One of them provides you with the Americanized version of these goods, while the other stays true to its Chinese roots. One of the biggest draws for this restaurant is the soup dumplings which are a must-have if you check this place out. Other signature dishes include juicy pork buns, spicy boil cod in chili sauce, and tea-smoked duck.


4. Hobak Korean BBQ

Hobak is a thriving Korean establishment group well known in South Korea for its quality dishes, excellent service, and ambiance. The group has managed to make its way into Chinatown and introduced an authentic Korean barbecue experience for both the locals and tourists. The menu they provide you with has an extensive list of meats for barbecuing, including premium Black Angus Beef, aged short ribs, brisket, Premium Hobak pork, ribeye, Wagyu bulgogi, Iberico pork belly, and more. The meat can also be ordered in a combo meal that is loaded with bean paste stew, side dishes, and rice pop ice cream.

Some other dishes and sides include cheese corn, anchovy noodle soup, kimchi stew, Angus fried rice, spicy ramen, traditional Korean cold noodles, and more.


5. Lotus Of Siam

The Lotus Of Siam differs from other Thai restaurants by serving dishes that are served from the Northern parts of Thailand. Whereas other parts of Thailand tend to provide sweet and tangy flavors to their meals, the chef and owner decide to take her Thai food in another direction. The Lotus of Siam serves its guest’s earthy herbs and spices that offer customers a new, hearty flavor. Enjoy an extensive menu that includes a good selection of wines from various countries, such as Germany.


6. 8oz Korean Steakhouse and Bar

This restaurant takes the traditional Korean-style barbecue and adds a different twist. The 8 oz Korea SteakHouse and bar provides a menu that has an assortment of meanings. The menu includes pork belly, galbi, wagyu, beef belly, and so forth. You can expect just about any type of meat on this menu, so gorge yourself to your heart’s content. While trying out the grilled meats in this place is a must, they do provide other selections of foods, such as noodles and banchan. The restaurant also has a late-night happy hour for Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10:00pm to 2:00am. The modern dining room made out of brick and wood provides a stunning atmosphere compared to other restaurants.


7. Chengdu Taste

Chengdu Tastes prides itself on providing customers with a Szechuan-style meal that will leave your tongue crying out for mercy. The restaurant has a 30-page menu that contains huge images with heat-leveled illustrations by the number of peppers beside each dish. Anyone who is too hesitant to order any of these spicy dishes is directed to the Toothpick Lamb with cumin, a much safer alternative that has a single pepper ranking.

The meal comes with lightly fried cuts of meat hanging from toothpicks similar to shish kabobs, eliminating the need for utensils. You can also order bowls filled with hot check, beef, or squid covered in hot sauce. If you can’t finish the food, they do provide you with take-out bags.


8. Kaiseki Yuzu

Kaiseki Yuzu is a traditional Japanese, multi-course meal that is prepared from some of the freshest ingredients. The meals at Kaiseki include three different courses, with each dish being served one by one. Some of these dishes are served hot while others are chilled. The chef behind these meals, Kaoru Azeuchi, is a renowned mas Kaiseki chef from Japan and has brought his expertise to Las Vegas, providing some of the most delicious and authentic Japanese dishes since 2014.

If you decide to head to Kaiseki for a meal, you need to place your orders in advance since every dish uses fresh ingredients and seasonal items that the chef needs to order. Some of the meals you can expect from eating here include several sashimis, sushi, lobsters, Wagyu beef, and grilled king salmon. Other staples of food you can expect from the menu include house-made tofu, tempura mix, grilled shishito peppers, black edamame, and seasonal desserts.


9. Sweets Raku

Sweet Raku provides its guests with French and Japanese-influenced desserts created by Japanese pastry chef Mio Ogasawara. She graduated from confectionery school and worked for nine years as a pastry chef in Ehime, Tokyo, and Nagasaki. Her talents eventually garnered the attention of Mitsuo Endo, owner of the Raku restaurant. He decided to invite her to join him in Las Vegas and become a part of his dessert restaurant concept to compliment the rest of his establishment.

The menu from Sweets Raku provides you two-course dessert pairings and main or individual desserts including, cream puffs, macarons, sorbets, and specialty creations. They also stock a wide range of teas and coffees to go along with your delicious dessert. You can also get a few tasty morsels on the menu, including caviar, croquettes, cheese plates, and foie gras. During the weekends, the lunch hour serves a sandwich and dessert combo or a croissant sandwich.


10. Monta Japanese Noodle House

The small noodle house is a cozy place to eat, but the place is always busy and for a good reason. The Monta Japanese Noodle House services some of the most addictive and delicious ramen in Las Vegas. According to the owner, it takes twelve hours each day to make the pork broth, but it’s completely worth every minute of it. The pork works excellent along with the fried rice, gyoza dumplings, or the noodle plate without soup. Guests can sign their names on a clipboard near the front door and hang out in the sidewall while waiting for a table. However, with current COVID-19 restrictions, you’ll have to make reservations instead.


Before You Explore

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