Cannabis Myths Debunked

Mar 9, 2022 | Cannabis

For anyone who has questions about cannabis, it’s time for some mythbusting. Whether you’ve been a casual consumer or are new to the weed world entirely, we’ve got some answers. Like any other activity or hobby, the more we know about it the better. Below are some common responses to some frequently asked cannabis questions.

Cannabis Myth #1: Can you overdose on weed?

A person cannot overdose on cannabis in the traditional sense, the way a person might be able to overdose on opioids or other drugs.

That’s not to say someone can’t have an adverse reaction to cannabis — everyone is different, and there are definitely people who tolerate experiences with weed better than others. For people who fall into the second category, it’s good to start slow and small, buying products from a trusted source. (Like us!)

Additionally, cannabis products come in so many forms that it’s worth it to try multiple. Someone who might not enjoy the experience of edibles might have a different response to cannabis oil, infused foods, or vaping.

Cannabis Myth #2: Are munchies real?

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Cannabis Myths Debunked

The munchies, aka the urge to snack after consuming cannabis, are one of the most common side effects, and actually come with a totally scientific explanation. THC increases our body’s sensitivity to smells and taste; essentially, after an experience with weed, nothing sounds better to our bodies than some delicious food.

Cannabis Myth #3: Do all strains give you the same high?

There are two main strains of cannabis plants: Indica and Sativa. There’s no way to confirm that strains produce different highs, but the reality is, again, that everyone is different. People react to different products differently, just like they might with alcohol or any other stimulant.

However, most people associate Indica with a more relaxing, cozy type of high, while Sativa produces a buzzier, more cerebral and psychoactive experience. Again, while there’s no official research supporting the difference, this longtime myth still persists. Consult experts (again, like our staff!) to learn more about which products under these umbrellas might be best for you and your desired experience.

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