CBD and THC Tinctures: A Quick Guide

Oct 21, 2022 | Cannabis, Las Vegas

Even the most inexperienced users are likely familiar with CBD oils. They’re now sold everywhere from specialty cannabis shops to your local grocer. But what is a tincture? Is it merely a fancy name for these oils? Or is it something entirely different? How does THC come into play?

It’s not surprising that tinctures don’t have the same recognition as oils. The name alone comes across as significantly more jargony; everyone understands what oil is, but not everyone has heard the term ‘tincture’ before. However, CBD or THC tinctures can be just as effective, enjoyable, and accessible as oils. In some ways, they might even be more suited to some users’ needs.

So, let’s demystify tinctures. We’ll run over some quick definitions, general information, and best practices – pretty much everything you need to know before diving into the wonderful world of cannabinoid tinctures.

What is a CBD or THC tincture?

At its most basic, a tincture is a solution contained within an alcoholic solvent. This means, for CBD and THC tinctures, extracts from the hemp plant will be dissolved in an alcoholic base, often ethanol. Much like cannabis oils, CBD and THC tinctures produce the effects of their respective chemicals through a liquid medium. Such effects can vary from simple muscle relaxation to a typical marijuana high depending on each tincture’s specific combination of cannabinoids.

How is it different from CBD oil or THC oil?

While similar, there are meaningful distinctions between tinctures and oils. Such differences are introduced during the earliest stages of each substance’s production process. As stated, tinctures are alcohol-based, while oils (unsurprisingly) are oil-based. This means that while both oils and tinctures are liquid products, tinctures can be entirely oil-free, resulting in markedly different flavors and properties. There are also several differences in usage and effects. For instance, oils are typically more effective when applied topically than tinctures.

What’s with the alcohol? Will it get you intoxicated?

While alcohol solvents are the backbone of tinctures, CBD and THC tinctures are not necessarily “alcoholic” in the sense that they will produce the same effects as a glass of wine or a shot of whisky. It is true that tinctures utilize high-proof alcohol during production and retain a certain ABV level as a result, yet, put bluntly, they aren’t going to get you drunk. In fact, the most noticeable aspect of the alcohol is the slightly bitter taste common to tinctures. Most, if not all, users won’t notice the alcohol at all.
Think of other alcohol-based products like mouthwash. Because of the way tinctures are used and the relatively small amount of volume used per dose (usually 0.25 milliliters to 2 milliliters), the effects of the alcohol solvent are negligible.

How do you use tinctures and what are the effects?

trust peppermint cbd thc tinctureTinctures are ingested, with users most often consuming them orally via Pasteur pipettes (also known as droppers). Because of this, the effects of tinctures take hold relatively quickly. Effects differ for each specific tincture, as the presence or absence of THC dictates whether the product will have a psychoactive effect. Trust’s Peppermint CBD Tincture, for example, contains only CBD, and thus will promote relaxation without the typical high associated with cannabis. On the other hand, products like Avexia’s Black Raspberry Road Tincture are pure THC, meaning its effects will align with that of traditional marijuana products. Some tinctures, like Spiked Flamingo’s Anytime 1:1 Hemp Seed Oil Tincture, contain both CBD and THC. Some believe that there is a benefit in combining the two substances. It’s an idea known as the entourage effect. What is the entourage effect? We’re glad you asked.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is a scientific hypothesis that proposes that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) works synergistically with other compounds found within the cannabis plant. Put more simply, it’s the belief that THC behaves differently and presumably more naturally when it’s mixed with other natural substances like CBD.

What are the benefits of tinctures?

Much like other cannabinoid products, CBD and THC tinctures offer a variety of recreational and medicinal benefits. From muscle relaxation to stress relief to euphoric highs, tinctures can be used for the same purposes as oils, gummies, or even traditional marijuana.

There are particular benefits to using tinctures, however. Much like oils, tinctures are easy to dose, easily stored, and are particularly discrete. They are also fast acting and long lasting when compared to smoking or eating cannabis. Tinctures are also free of any oils, allergens, or other sensitive ingredients.Now that you’re familiar with tinctures, you are armed with knowledge and ready to decide if they are right for you. Consider their differences from other CBD and THC products, particularly oils, and see if tinctures are best suited for your needs.

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