An explainer of all the convenient methods for cannabis delivery and pick-up

Sep 26, 2022 | Cannabis, Las Vegas

It’s 2022, convenience is all around us. It seems like everyday, a new service or product changes the way we live our daily lives. So, when it comes to Wallflower Cannabis House a cannabis shop in las vegas, why should it be any different? With our array of delivery and pick-up options, there’s now a convenient way to get all of your cannabis goodies.

What are all of these glorious options? Well, we’re glad you asked! Here’s a quick run-down of the best ways to get Wallflower’s products into your hands.

Cannabis Delivery:

How does delivery work?
Much like a pizza, delivery will quickly and reliably bring Wallflower’s products to your door! Just visit our webstore, build your cart, and select the cannabis delivery option as you check out. Simple, quick, and convenient. Plus, if you are within a four-mile radius of our store, we guarantee delivery in 90 minutes or less!

What are the delivery hours?
The timings are 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Who can order delivery?
Anyone in the Las Vegas valley with a valid 21+ ID can order delivery. Notably, we do not offer delivery for business or hotels, private residences only!

What can I order through delivery?
You can order any of Wallflower’s products through delivery! Check out our webstore for a complete list of our marjuana products, merch options, and more.

How can I pay for delivery?
At this time, our delivery option is cash-only.

Is there a minimum purchase?
A minimum purchase of $50 is required for delivery. Service fee is $3.

Wallflower Cannabis House cannabis drive thru

24 Hour Drive Thru

How does the 24 Hour Drive Thru work?
Our 24 Hour Drive Thru is just like it sounds! Open all day and all night, swing by and pick up all of your favorite Wallflower products without ever leaving your car. Easy peasy!

What are the hours?
The drive through is open 24 hours, it’s in the name! Perfect for a quick stop-by or a late-night impulse when searching for ‘dispensary near me that is open‘ on your phone.

What can I order at the drive thru?
A screen outside of the drive thru will showcase everything available for purchase. Anything you see can be yours!

How can I pay?
Cash and all major debit cards are accepted at the drive thru.

Express Pick-Up

How does Express Pick-Up work?
Looking to get in-and-out faster than you can say Wallflower? Simply place an order on our webstore and head over to our store. Once you’re here at our weed dispensary in las vegas, check in with reception and head to the express pick-up line. Your order will be waiting for you there!

What are the hours?
Express Pick-Up is available during store hours, from 7:00 am to 2:00 am.

How long are orders held?
Orders are held for eight hours.

How can I pay?
Just like the store and Drive Thru, cash and all major debit cards are accepted! Additionally, there is a $1 service charge.

Have any further questions? Just stop in and a Wallflower budtender can assist you in any way you need!