Grow Your Career at Wallflower Cannabis House

Aug 30, 2022 | Cannabis, Las Vegas

Have an interest in breaking into the ever-expanding cannabis industry? Have a passion for all things CBD and THC? Have strong opinions on which strains are the best? Then consider starting a career at Wallflower Cannabis House! Wallflower is currently accepting applications for a variety of positions, including Budtender, Graveyard Budtender, Online Fulfillment, Inventory Processor, and Receptionist.

You can apply today by emailing a copy of your resume to Make sure to include your name and the position you wish to apply for in the subject line. Additional information regarding qualifications, duties, and more can be found at Wallflower’s Careers Page. Read on for a brief introduction to each position.


Budtenders are the face of the operation. These are the people who greet the customers, guide them through Wallflower’s selection, and answer any questions they may have. Because of this, it’s best to be highly motivated, enthusiastic, and personable. Experience with cannabis and knowledge of different products is extremely helpful as well.

As a budtender, you drive the in-store culture. You will be the ones interacting with customers, profoundly impacting their experience at Wallflower. Responsibilities include verifying patron’s identification, inputting data, answering phones, assisting customers, payment processing, and more. You’d also help with managing traffic flow and preparing orders for curbside pick-up. Because of these duties, it’s best to have customer service experience, as well as a willingness to adhere to sanitation and COVID-19 guidelines.

Wallflower offers opportunities for advancement in the cannabis industry and competitive hourly pay. It’s a great position to both show off your knowledge and learn more about marijuana.

Graveyard Budtender

Graveyard Budtenders are responsible for many of the same duties as Budtenders. They interact with Wallflower’s customers, fulfill orders, manage the floor, and more. Graveyard Budtenders, however, work an overnight shift, from 11:30 pm – 9:30 am. They are responsible for maintaining the 24-hour drive-thru, as well as the curbside pick-up.

Both full-time (4 ten-hour shifts per week) and part-time (2-3 ten-hour shifts per week) Graveyard Budtender positions are available, once again with competitive hourly pay. A valid Nevada Dispensary Agent Card is required, though those new to the cannabis industry with strong retail & customer service backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Delivery Driver/Online Fulfillment

Members of the online order fulfillment team deliver orders to the homes of customers, aid with curbside pick-up, and manage other pickup orders through Amazon-style lockers. Because of this, it’s important for members of this team to have proficient cash management and payment processing skills, as well as the ability to follow guidelines for off-site purchases.

Applicants should be self-motivated and organized, as they will spend a portion of their time on the road. A clean driving record and a valid Nevada Dispensary Agent Card are required to apply. DUIs are an automatic disqualification for this position.

Part-time and full-time positions are available. Members of the team receive an hourly rate and tips, and a company vehicle is provided for deliveries.

Inventory Processor

Wallflower’s inventory processors work with the product. As such, they’ll be working in a sterile environment that requires careful attention to detail and strict adherence to regulations. Because of this, experience with handling cannabis is highly recommended.

All applicants for this position must have a valid Nevada Dispensary Agent Card. Because of the duties of processors, applicants must also be able to be on their feet for 10-hour shifts, be able to lift and carry objects 30lbs or more on a regular basis, and must be able to succeed in a team environment. All shifts are 10 hours, though part-time and full-time positions are available.


Responsibilities for receptionists at Wallflower include greeting and interacting with guests, ID verification, data entry, answering phones, and responding to the online customer feedback portal in real-time. Other duties include managing the flow of customers, updating online menus, managing dispensary visitor lists and sign-in sheets, and general store upkeep.

Currently, only 10-hour shifts (7:00 am – 5:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 2:00 am) are available for both full-time or part-time schedules. A Valid Nevada Dispensary Agent Card is required, though those new to the cannabis industry with strong retail & customer service backgrounds are encouraged to apply.