March Madness continues with cannabis brands Trendi and Cannavative

Mar 23, 2022 | Cannabis

Explore a range of products from each brand! From pre rolls and flowers to edibles and vapes – they have so much to offer.

We are so thrilled to partner with cannabis brands that understand Wallflower’s client base, values and standards. At Wallflower, we are passionate about products that are exceptional and consistent — so it only made sense for us to feature a range of popular products from both Trendi and Cannavative.

Treat Yourself with Everything Cannavative Has to Offer


Cannavative – Motivator Minis

Cannavative products are some of the finest in Nevada! They offer such a diverse line of products and easily appeal to every consumer. Whether it’s their (amazing) sativa MTF preroll, or the Tropic Thunder Resin8 (.8g) cartridge – Cannavative has something for every smoking occasion. Look out for their ‘Motivator’ line, consisting of full flower buds and honeycomb – gaining them a reputation for some of the best infused pre rolls on the market. Motivators come in 1 gram, .5 gram and (.5 gram) 3-packs!

If you love edibles, enjoy the Indica gummiez – a specialty formula that delivers a fantastic Indica experience with ultimate relaxation and peacefulness. And if you’re looking for a heavier punch, enjoy the Indica 1:1 RSO Applicator, from which the cannabis oil is intended to deliver a high-dose of cannabinoids.

Flavor is one of the most important aspects while shopping for pre-rolls, and Cannavative often rotates their strains and combinations to bring the best new blend to shelves. Customers in-store and online are able to choose between the Wedding Pie, NYC Diesel Mini, Purple Sunshine Mini or the Triangle Mints Mini pre-rolls. The strains in the Motivators are always switching at Wallflower too, so if this is your regular choice, be sure to chat with our Budtenders who will help you try new flavors as they are shelved.

The Trendi Umbrella — Shop HaHa, Leaf & Vine, and Dreamland

trendi blunts-blog-marchmadness-cannabis-brands

Trendi – Blunts

Super blunts from Trendi are all the rage. From Blueberry Syrup to Hawaiian Butterscotch, these are for the real deal cannasseurs. Super blunts are hand rolled with a flavorful hemp wrap consisting of 2 grams of flower, 0.5 gram crumble, 0.1 gram live resin terp sauce and the rolled in 0.15 grams of kief! Indica and Indica-dominant hybrid flowers from Trendi are definitely a favorite. Pick from Cookies and Chem or Bio Buddha, they live up to their names and are definitely as fun as they sound.

HaHa don’t supply your everyday gummies. They truly believe that edibles should leave you feeling good without making you groggy, sleepy, tired or feeling down. They have formulated all their gummies to include a burst of laughter with every bite.

Moving over the vapes/cartridge category – Trendi is taking the cake with their live resin disposable pens. They’re perfect for the on-the-go smoke and are coming in at only $22. Vaping is a different experience: their products are high-potency but solvent-free. Animal House Live Resin and Original Diesel Live Resin are just some to get the party started. Trendi is unique because their cartridges contain only terpene and cannabinoids, meaning there is nothing artificial about them.

Leaf & Vine currently has its Indica-dominant Red Diesel flower present in our product showcase and is available in 3.5 grams and 7 grams.

Stay tuned as our daily deals refresh. You are sure to get all the products above and more that you love, but for less. It’s time to start shopping, head on over here.