Say Hello to Fall: From New Routines to CBD, Edibles & More

Sep 29, 2021 | Cannabis

It’s officially the start of the autumn season. New seasons offer the perfect opportunity for a fresh start of sorts: whether it’s sprucing up interior decor, cleaning out the closet and doing a wardrobe refresh, or switching up a workout routine, these coming weeks are the right window for implementing something new.


Below, we’ve rounded up some tips to make autumn amazing.


      1. Try something new! Step outside your routine. This past year in particular was a time of plenty of standstill — now is the time to embrace the unknown. Try a new workout: if walking and cardio are your go-tos, try yoga! If you love spending time at the gym, try a crisp autumn hike outdoors. Is there a recipe you’ve wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to making? Seize the day.
        wallflower house something new
      2. Create an oasis. According to experts at Apartment Therapy, changing up your interior can be much easier than it seems. Adding fresh touches in moderation and adding lighting ahead of earlier sunsets can make a familiar space feel just a bit new again. Find a signature scent — whether it’s a candle, incense, or laundry detergent, marking the new season with a new scent to welcome you home can go a long way.
        wallflower house create an oasis
      3. Come see us at Wallflower! Whether you’re new to the world of CBD or have some favorite products in your cart already, we want to help elevate your fall. With flowers, prerolls, vapes, edibles, topicals, and more, we are dedicated to identifying which of our many magical products will be best for YOU. The health and wellness benefits of CBD can be transformative. For those dealing with anxiety or even chronic pain, the staff at Wallflower is ready to help identify ways to help. If CBD is more of a recreational activity, our Budtenders will be just as excited to see you.

No matter what this season holds for you, embrace it with Wallflower


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