8 Best Bars To Visit While In Las Vegas

Jul 6, 2021 | Entertainment, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a lot to offer for any tourist that decides to spend time exploring the city. Of course, as you travel around the City of Sin, you’re going to want delightful drinks to top off the rest of the night. Fortunately, Las Vegas has a lot to offer when it comes to getting yourself an alcoholic beverage.  Whether they are dive bars, brewpubs, or cocktail lounges, there’s a drink out there that suits your taste. If you want to celebrate the night away with top-quality drinks then look no further. For this post, we are going to provide you with the best bars to visit while in Las Vegas.


1. AREA15

Area15 is one of the most entertaining yet artistic places you could ever go to while touring through Vegas. The place provides a cool vibe that will feel out of this world. The bar is easily accessible since it’s surrounded by a vibrant 24-foot tall LED tree inspired by an art installation at Burning Man. 

The bar has an assortment of cocktails on the menu that was created by mixologist Anthony Partridge, although the recipes were created to be a bit easier and quicker to mix up. The blend of flavors you can get from these cocktails is excellent, and you can get a blend of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and whiskey. The place has an exceptional atmosphere that has ambient music playing in the background. The venue does get a bit more exciting after 10 pm when AREA15 is only officially open to 21 and over.


2. Golden Tiki

As soon as you get close to the front door, you’ll think you’ve managed to step into a world where pirates are still running rampant. Las Vegas is the home of many eccentric places, and this tiki bar is one of the many charming bars you can find. The Golden Tiki is a bar that has everything you could want, from dancing skeletons to conch shell chairs and an overstuffed treasure chest among the cheesy decorations. There’s even a shrunken head collection and a pair of animatronic birds who tell dirty jokes. 

The cocktails that you can find on the menu at the Golden Tiki are not your run-of-the-mill rum and fruit juice staples. The drinks are considerably complex yet perfectly balanced creations that use carefully selected ingredients. Some of the drinks come topped off with Dole whip, which is a frozen pineapple treat that initially became popular at Disneyland. Like any other tiki bar out there, the drinks are rated on the menu by power level.


3. The Sand Dollar Lounge

The Sand Dollar Lounge is a place that has serious history behind it. The bar has a legacy for providing live music that dates back to 1976. However, the main reason you want to visit this place is because of the excellent drink menu they have to offer. One of the best sellers on the menu is the Lupita, which is a flash-infused basil tequila and house-made orgeat. But the most excellent drink on the menu is the Thai Tea Trippin, a drink that combines milk, sugar, spiced tea, and rum. The diary parts for this drink are filtered out, causing it to leave behind a creamy taste. 

With their long list of excellent beers, many people have a difficult time choosing. Fortunately, the lounge came up with a way for people to choose a drink, and that’s by trying out their luck with the Beer Roulette machine, which hands out a random canned beer for $5. If you want to eat while you drink your beverages, order one of their pizzas. It’s been said to be one of the best in town and comes topped with the freshest ingredients around.


4. Berlin Bar

Berlin Bar is one of the most stylish bars you’ll ever go to. The dive bar uses a very loose German theme that gives it an interesting vibe. It’s filled with all sorts of cheesy mismatched décor, stickers, chalkboard art, and even artwork from local artists, which can be purchased. The bar was formerly supposed to open in Berlin, but the owners got stuck in Vegas because of COVID-19 and decided to open up their bar in Vegas instead. 

If you are not much of a fan of beer, try out their Casamigos Margarita with fresh watermelon juice instead. They also have a decent selection of food to choose from, such as soft pretzels and tasty franks to chew on. Another striking piece of a dish is the infamous Ass Cobra, which consists of ramen and asparagus. The patio area can become quite congested during the weekends with the sizable fire pit and excellent view of the Stratosphere tower.


5. Rockstar Bar

Rockstar Bar is a bar that is living up to the theme it has built itself on. The place is covered in guitars and artwork as a love letter to everything rock. It also has a stage where bands can come in and play live music. You can expect local bands playing tributes to some of the most renowned musicians around every Friday and Saturday. Interestingly enough, the lights and sounds were installed by a former tech for Aerosmith. The venue only recently opened up but was founded by a group of people who have experience managing the Las Vegas nightlife. The Rockstar bar is located inside the Las Vegas Golf Center. It serves drinks and a wide range of snacks for anyone at the driving bays or just hanging outside of the patio. As a bonus, the venue has an excellent view of the Strip.


6. Atomic Liquors

As one of the oldest bars in Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors used to be the place where everyone would grab themselves a stiff drink, sit on the roof, and watch nuclear test explosions go off in the desert. During the year 2000, the place shut down for a short while before making a huge comeback during 2012. Since then, it has managed to become a massive hit with everyone. The venue is covered in memorabilia on Nevada’s radioactive history, showing off artifacts from that time. 

Throughout the pandemic, Atomic Liquor became aware of the fact that people were interested in well-crafted libations and responded by providing a limited-edition special that is changed on a seasonal basis. Their cocktails are updated twice a year, but they still have such classics as the bourbon-fueled Hunter S. Mash for fans of the drink. Right next to the lounge operates its sister restaurant, the Kitchen at the Atomic, which shares a patio with the venue, so you can hop over if you’re in the mood for some tasty dishes.


7. The Garden Las Vegas

The Garden Las Vegas is an exceptional location that was inspired by a bar scene in Chicago’s Boystown and West Hollywood. The Garden is a relaxing, inclusive bar for the LGBTQ community where everyone is welcomed with open arms. You can chill out in a circular booth or grab a seat on the patio where pink bistro lights match nicely with the Nevada sky during sunset. The cocktails on the menu are some of the most colorful drinks around.  They go well with the theme the venue is going for. The fresh flowers that are scattered throughout the rooms also provide a fresh sense of smell that ties things together. On the weekends, the Garden sometimes hosts a drag brunch or a two-for-one cocktail deal on Sunday nights.


8. The Front Yard

Located on Ellis island, The Front Yard is a two-level beer garden that is located inside a glass-window atrium. The place is filled with plenty of natural sunlight during the day and glows fantastically during the nighttime. Furthermore, Ellis island has an on-site brewery that provides a line of excellent beverages for you to enjoy. Interestingly enough, some of the beer is used in combination with the food, such as beer-brined wings. 

The Front Yard has six primary brews, along with six additional brews that are rotated on seasonally. The six added taps are usually experimental recipes that guests can enjoy and offer their opinions on. If you are sure which one to choose, you can order a custom flight or try every one of them out. During the weekend, the venue provides a brunch menu that comes with some delicious dishes. Best of all, these dishes go perfectly well with your choice of beer. 


Before You Explore

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