13 Places You Must Visit In Las Vegas

Apr 5, 2021 | Entertainment, Las Vegas

As the Entertainment Capital of the World, this city has become known for leisure concepts, combined with all sorts of ideas from around the world. Tons of hotels are attractions in and of themselves, and free streetside shows surround the area, from erupting volcanoes to dancing fountains. Planning your visits will allow you to make the most of your time, especially when there are places you merely need to visit while you’re here. For this article, we are going to go over 13 places you must visit while in Las Vegas.


1. The Strip

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in Las Vegas is The Strip. The 4.2-mile stretch South of Las Vegas Boulevard has become iconographic through most movies and TV shows whenever Las Vegas is involved. Seeing the Mirage’s Volcano erupt and Bellagio’s fountains dance is a surreal experience.

Stacked with massive entertainment palaces, many of them built with a defining theme and home to some of the most renowned performance venues, luxury hotels, and fine dining, this is what most people think about whenever they hear the word Las Vegas.

The Strip is a place everyone should visit at least once during their trip, even if you are not planning to participate in any of the local casinos. Merely walking along the Strip and soaking in the sights should be enough to appreciate this place. It’s impressive during the nighttime when the city is illuminated by an endless row of shining neon signs. The area has so much to offer you will be soaking in the sights for hours.


2. Fremont Street Experience

The old downtown area of Las Vegas has a place known as Fremont Street. This location has all sorts of fascinating and unique sites to behold. The entire five-block section of Fremont Street is covered over with a canopy made up of LED lights that shine the sky in a spectacle of various colors and designs as you walk through it.

Better known as the Fremont Street Experience, each night, excellent music and visual shows happen overheard. Street performers and exceptional entertainment acts are usually done outdoors in this location. Fremont Street is located in the Las Vegas downtown area, which is just a couple of kilometers away from the Strip.


3. Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

Paris Las Vegas is one of the most recognizable resorts in the city and easily accessible on the Strip. With a scale model of the Eiffel Tower and a recreation of the Paris Opera House, this is a location you want to visit. The Eiffel Tower Experience is made up of forty-six stories above the city street. Going up to the tower will lead you to an observation deck that allows you to get an excellent 360-degree view of the city.

One store below the observation deck is the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which offers you fine dining to go with your view across the Strip. Along with this wondrous replica of the Eiffel Tower, you can see a mock hot air balloon tied with neon and flashing lights.


4. Caesars Palace

If there is one resort that could capture the pleasure-seeking spirit of Las Vegas, it is the marble halls of Caesars Palace. Revealed to the public in 1966, Caesars Palace was developed in the image of a Roman emperor’s residence. Since its unveiling, Caesars Palace was intended for high rollers, and its restaurant portfolio includes all sorts of fine dining from around the world.

This place has been the home for several famous singers, such as Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, and Rod Stewart. Caesars Palace has always been graced by all sorts of stardom. The place also has over 150 midrange and high-end boutiques and restaurants in its halls.


5. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Take some supplies with you and drive west out of the Strip for half an hour to reach an exceptional location made up of reddish sandstone reaching towards the sky. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area has one of the excellent sights to see. Trails running from short walks to day hikes can lead you to lookouts on the lip of canyons with gorgeous waterfalls during the early spring.

You can also walk by deep red sandstone outcrops created by iron oxide in the rock and to areas where the Paiute culture left handprints on the rocks, with petroglyphs littering the area. It is also a habitat for threatened desert tortoises, with some of them located in an enclosure at the Visitor Center.


6. Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

The Bellagio Resort is a massive area filled with a high-end hotel complex and a wide range of attractions. By visiting this place, you will be able to see the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, the Conservatory and Botanical Garden, a spa and salon, and several restaurants.

Walking past the lobby will lead you to the showroom area with a wide range of themes, such as the spring botanical display to mesmerizing shows of art. The most popular and impressive feature is the fountain show.

In front of the Bellagio Resort, you will find the dancing fountains performing a gorgeous display of water set to music. From the sidewalk, you will be able to get a ringside view of the excellent water dance. Most people consider it some of the best free attractions in Las Vegas.


7. The High Roller at The LINQ

The High Roller Ferris wheel is known for being one of the most extensive observation wheels in the world, standing at 550 feet high. Going through a single rotation on this Ferris wheel can take up to 30 minutes. That offers you enough time to take in the outstanding sight over the Strip and the surrounding areas, especially during the night time when the city is shining.

Each cabin is capable of holding up to 40 people and is entirely climate-controlled. The High Roller is located near the end of Linq Lane, although it shouldn’t be too hard to find since this Ferris wheel is hard to miss.


8. Pinball Hall of Fame

The Pinball Hall of Fame is one of the many offbeat museums you can find in Las Vegas. The place is located just a few minutes away from the Strip. This museum was made to pay tribute to the classic arcade game and houses over 100 pinball machines that date from the 1940s up to 2009. The entrance to this museum is entirely free, so you should consider visiting it for a night of fun.


9. Hoover Dam

The Strip may have made Las Vegas the famous place it’s become known for. Over the passing decades, the Hoover Dam managed to make the city sustainable. Built during the Great Depression, the engineering wonder provides the much-needed work for thousands of workers during that era. Visitors are allowed to take a tour through the dam and power plan at different tour sites that are available at varying prices. This visually striking dam is still functional to this day and provides power for Nevada, Arizona, and California.


10. New York-New York

During the 1990s, a piece of the New York skyline decided to make its way onto the Las Vegas Strip. The MGM hotel and casino were made as a love letter to the Big Apple, bringing forth Net York’s Art Deco classic. The Empire State Building and Chrysler and incorporating replicas of the Statue of Liberty, the main building of Ellis Island, and Grand Central Station can all be found here.

The Big Apple Roller Coaster is packed with trains that resemble New York taxis and has a maximum drop of 33 meters and two inversions. There are also a variety of dining options that are cosmopolitan in nature since the theme is based in New York.


11. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is one of the most popular places to visit while in Las Vegas. The sign can be found at the south end of the Strip next to Mandalay Bay and the Little Church of the west. The sign has existed at Las Vegas Boulevard since 1959. Created by a local artist named Betty Willis, the sign is a must-visit and one of the best locations in Las Vegas to take your photo.


12. Neon Museum

Las Vegas has been graced by bright and colorful signs for a long while. These signs have become some of the more memorable sights for most visitors in the passing years. These advertising beacons have led to the cities claim to fame.

mThe Neon Museum was built to preserve some of the city’s history by buying, storing, and refurbishing the historic signs that have slowly gone by the wayside as businesses closed down or new signs replaced the older ones. You can see all of these classic signs by taking a guided tour at the Neon Museum, where old neon signs are stored outside in massive compounds.


13. Wallflower Cannabis House

With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in Las Vegas, plenty of dispensaries have managed to open up. Wallflower Cannabis House is one of the many that has appeared and offers excellent value for anyone looking to take the edge off from a long day of touring around. Take the time to pass by and check out the products. Our cannabis dispensary is open 24/7 which in-store sales, curbside pickup, delivery, and our 24-hour drive-through is coming soon!



If you are planning to take a trip to Las Vegas, make sure to visit the locations mentioned in this article. Each of them has something marvelous to offer and some of the best sights to lay your eyes on.