What is Green Wednesday and How Can I Celebrate It?

Nov 21, 2022 | Cannabis, Las Vegas

Come November, something in the air shifts. People start talking about turkeys, holly, and, of course, all of the holiday deals waiting for them after dinner. There’s no shortage of retail holidays when it comes to the tail end of the year, from early Black Friday campaigns to Black Friday itself, Cyber Monday to last-minute fire sales. Yet, there’s one day you might have only just heard about, a new(ish) cannabis-based holiday ready to make the season extra special:

Green Wednesday


Taking place on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Green Wednesday is a relatively new celebration of all things cannabis. Often dubbed “the Black Friday of Cannabis,” dispensaries have begun to save some of their best deals of the year for Green Wednesday

Kicking off sometime in the mid-2010s, Green Wednesday has quickly caught on as the recreational marijuana industry grows. With continually increasing user statistics, more and more dispensaries opening their doors, and new states legalizing recreational use, the demand for cannabis products has only continued to rise. Other holidays like April 20th (4/20) have become incredibly popular and widely known, and Green Wednesday has thankfully brought similar festivities to the capital “H” Holiday Season.

Each passing year sees Green Wednesday grow in prominence. According to an Akerana report, 2021 saw a 20% increase in the sale of cannabis products when compared to sales from the same time period in 2019 (2020 was omitted because of the COVID-19 pandemic). Taken as a whole, the full four-day Thanksgiving holiday period boasted $254.7 million in cannabis sales that year. Such promising data contrasts against wider retail trends, which have showcased a general slowdown in holiday spending.

Beyond the obvious opportunity for cannabis users to purchase gifts for themselves and their loved ones, though, Green Wednesday also comes at an opportune time for many in the community. Despite what Hallmark movies might portray, the holidays are not always the happiest time of the year for everyone. In fact, they can be downright stressful, triggering, or traumatic. Some face difficult family situations, others don’t recognize certain traditions, and many feel the acute financial pressure the season brings along with it. All of which, of course, is only compounded by shortening days and lowering temperatures, which spikes seasonal depressive feelings for hundreds of thousands across the country.

For many, recreational marijuana use is a way to ease the stressful pressures that can come with extended family time and the holidays in general. Because of this, Green Wednesday’s pre-Thanksgiving date is perfect. It gives those in the cannabis community a chance to stock up on materials before many places shut down, making sure they have the tools they need to take on anything that’s thrown their way, be it dinner table politics, a burned appetizer, or string lights that refuse to work properly.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be so dire. Lots of people are simply happy to take advantage of once-a-year sales to enhance their holiday experience just a little bit more. There are countless reasons why Thanksgiving week has always been popular for the marijuana community, and even more reasons why it’s still growing to this day.

This year, Green Wednesday goes down on November 23rd. Whatever your reason to celebrate is, you can take part by checking out the Wallflower online store to catch the best offerings before they’re gone. Then, stick around for the Black Friday deals to catch up on anything you missed. When looking for a ‘cannabis dispensary near me’ on your phone, consider our various ways to order