How Much Does Weed Cost In Las Vegas? (2023 Pricing Guide)

Sep 19, 2023 | Las Vegas, Weed

Las Vegas, the glitzy entertainment capital of Nevada, is also home to a thriving legal recreational cannabis market. Ever since recreational marijuana sales became legal in 2017, Las Vegas has developed into one of the biggest weed destinations in the country.

However, many tourists and new residents moving to Sin City often ask: how much does weed cost in Las Vegas? With dozens of dispensaries spread across the city, cannabis prices can vary quite a bit from shop to shop. This article will break down the average costs of different marijuana products, so you know what to expect when visiting dispensaries in Las Vegas.

How Prices Compare at Popular Las Vegas Dispensaries

Here’s a general overview of marijuana prices in Las Vegas.

Average Marijuana Prices in Las Vegas

  • 1g Flower: $16
  • 1/8oz (Eighth) Flower: $51
  • 1/4oz (Fourth) Flower: $84
  • 1/2oz (Half) Flower: $150
  • 1oz Flower: $291

It’s important to understand that these prices are subject to change based on various factors, including the specific strain, quality, and the dispensary’s location. Additionally, promotions and special deals can influence the final cost, so comparing prices at different dispensaries is advisable before purchasing.

Why Are Cannabis Prices So High in Las Vegas?

If you’re used to purchasing legal weed in other recreational states, you may wonder why Las Vegas marijuana prices remain so high.

There are a few key reasons behind the Silver State’s elevated cannabis costs:

  • High demand, low supply – When recreational sales first launched in 2017, there needed to be more licensed cultivation and production facilities to meet demand. This initial market launch undersupply kept prices inflated.
  • Wholesale cannabis costs – The state has set minimum wholesale costs per gram and pound. This sets a wholesale price floor that prevents extreme bulk discounting.
  • Limited licenses – Nevada strictly caps the number of dispensary licenses issued.
  • Tourism tax – A 10% excise tax is levied on all recreational cannabis sales in addition to state and local sales tax. Much of this tourism tax gets passed onto consumers.

While aspects like limited licensing and wholesale pricing mandates are locked in, experts expect supply to catch up to demand over time. As more cultivators scale production and new brands enter the market, pricing pressure should continue mounting.

Premium Weed Prices in Las Vegas

Marijuana prices can vary quite a bit between different Las Vegas dispensaries. Here is a sampling of premium cannabis products at a top-rated shop (Wallflower House):

The Cannabis Landscape in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has specific regulations regarding where one can consume cannabis. While private residences have been legal venues for consumption since January 1, 2017, the city also approved cannabis consumption lounges on September 1, 2021. However, public places like the Las Vegas Strip, casinos (with a few exceptions), federal properties, public parks, restaurants, and concert venues prohibit cannabis consumption.

For those interested in the legal intricacies, the Nevada Cannabis Control Board provides comprehensive details on laws and regulations.

Cannabis Prices and Why They Matter

The cost of cannabis in Las Vegas can vary based on several factors, including the strain, quality, and where you purchase it. While some might wonder about the slightly elevated prices in Las Vegas compared to other legal states, it’s essential to consider factors like high demand, initial market launch undersupply, and the overall supply chain.

As highlighted in a Forbes article, recent reforms indicate a positive shift towards more accessible and affordable cannabis products for consumers.

Dispensaries: The Go-To Places for Quality Cannabis

Las Vegas boasts a plethora of dispensaries offering a wide range of cannabis products. These dispensaries cater to recreational and medicinal users, from flowers and edibles to vape pens and pre-rolls. One notable dispensary is Wallflower Cannabis House, known for its diverse product range, knowledgeable staff, and exceptional customer service. For those using credit cards, it’s worth noting that Wallflower is one of the few dispensaries that accept them. Moreover, Wallflower also offers delivery services right to your location.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck at Vegas Dispensaries

While recreational weed is still pricier in Las Vegas than many consumers may like, there are some tips and tricks to help maximize your cannabis budget:

  • Compare prices online – View different local dispensaries.
  • Buy in bulk – The more you buy, the better deal. Quarters and ounces offer big savings over grams and eighths.
  • Look for discounts and specials – Many shops offer first-time customer and resident discounts.
  • Go for value brands – House brand flower, edibles, and vapes are usually cheaper.
  • Mix and match – Some dispensaries offer discounts when you buy multiple product categories.
  • Look for rewards – Reputable dispensaries like Wallflower House offer a rewards program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the average price of cannabis in Las Vegas compare to other legal states?

While Las Vegas might have slightly elevated prices due to factors like high demand and initial market launch undersupply, it’s comparable to other tourist-heavy cities in legal states. However, prices in Nevada remain high compared to some other legal states.

I’ve heard about hybrid strains. How do they influence the price of cannabis flower in Las Vegas?

Hybrid strains, which are a combination of Indica and Sativa plants, can sometimes be priced differently based on their potency, effects, and cultivation costs. The uniqueness of the strain can influence its market price.

With the buzz around “adult use” cannabis, is it more expensive than medical marijuana in Las Vegas?

“Adult use” or recreational cannabis might sometimes have a higher price point due to additional taxes, like the tourism tax. However, the product quality and variety are often comparable to medical marijuana.

How do dispensaries in downtown Las Vegas price their cannabis products compared to those on the outskirts?

Downtown Las Vegas, being a prime tourist location, might have slightly elevated prices due to higher foot traffic and demand. However, many dispensaries offer competitive prices, loyalty programs, and discounts to attract and retain customers.

I’ve come across terms like retail level pricing and “wholesale” pricing. What’s the difference?

“Retail level” pricing is what consumers pay at dispensaries. It includes the cost of the product, operational costs, and any added taxes. “Wholesale” pricing refers to the cost dispensaries pay to stock products, which is determined by cultivators and producers.

Navigating the Marijuana Business in Vegas

While recreational weed is still gaining footing, the Las Vegas cannabis scene has much to offer tourists and locals. With the right shopping strategies, you can sample high-quality marijuana flower, edibles, concentrates, and more without breaking the bank. Just remember to consume cannabis legally and responsibly while enjoying everything Sin City offers. For the best cannabis in Las Vegas visit Wallflower House today.