Do Any Las Vegas Dispensaries Take Credit Cards? (2023 Update)

Aug 10, 2023 | Cannabis, Las Vegas, Visit

In the heart of Las Vegas, where neon lights meet the desert, the cannabis industry is flourishing. As enthusiasts and tourists seek to indulge in the city’s green offerings, a pressing question emerges: “Do any Las Vegas dispensaries take credit cards?” This article delves deep into the heart of Sin City’s cannabis payment landscape, providing insights and answers to this burning query.

Federal Stance on Cannabis

The answer is nuanced. Due to the federal classification of cannabis as a Schedule I substance, many national banks and credit card companies have been hesitant to get involved with cannabis transactions, even in states where it’s legal. This has led to a reliance on cash transactions within the industry. However, as the industry evolves and seeks to offer more convenience to its customers, some dispensaries have found workarounds. Many have started using third-party payment processors or apps that allow customers to use their credit cards indirectly.

Despite being legal in several states, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. This discrepancy poses challenges for dispensaries, especially concerning banking and payment methods. BBC recently highlighted Mastercard’s decision to instruct payment companies to stop allowing US customers to buy legal marijuana with its debit cards, emphasizing the challenges faced by the cannabis industry regarding payment methods.

Dispensaries in Las Vegas and Their Payment Methods

Wallflower Cannabis House: The Premier Choice

Regarding excellence in the Las Vegas cannabis scene, Wallflower Cannabis House is unparalleled. As a leading dispensary, Wallflower is synonymous with convenience, quality, and customer satisfaction. Not only do they accept cash, but they also cater to the modern customer by accepting all major debit cards. For those opting for delivery, cash remains the preferred method. What truly sets Wallflower apart is its round-the-clock services. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, their curbside pickup and drive-thru services operate 24/7, ensuring access to premium cannabis products whenever you desire. Dive deeper into the world of Wallflower and discover its exceptional offerings here.

Planet 13

Planet 13 accepts debit cards, but it’s essential to note that a fee accompanies this payment method. For those venturing near Fremont Street and seeking more dispensary options, this guide offers valuable insights.

Reef Dispensaries

Reef Dispensaries, known for its extensive product range, offers a unique blend of quality and variety. While they provide card payment options, they utilize third-party processors, which may have an associated fee. Their dedication to offering multiple payment methods highlights their commitment to customer convenience.


MedMen, a dispensary in the Las Vegas cannabis market, requires customers to present a valid ID upon entry. For payment, they accept both cash and debit cards. It’s worth noting that debit card transactions are processed using a handheld POS cash register.

Dispensary Payment Methods Additional Features
Wallflower Cannabis House Cash, All major debit cards (Delivery: Cash only) 24/7 curbside pickup and drive-thru, order in-app and earn rewards
Planet 13 Cash, Debit cards (with a fee)
Reef Dispensaries Cash, Debit card through third-party processors (with a fee)
MedMen Cash, Debit card through POS cash register

*Keep in mind the changing landscape of Mastercard and Government Regulations.

Delivery Services and Curbside Pickup

With the evolving needs of customers, many dispensaries now offer delivery services, curbside pickup, and even accommodate walk-ins. Wallflower, for instance, offers a fast and reliable delivery service within the Las Vegas Valley from 11 am-11 pm. They also provide a 24/7 drive-thru service, ensuring shopping is convenient for customers. Find out where you can smoke marijuana in Las Vegas. If you want to purchase products like edibles or other cannabis brands, Wallflower has a vast store space with various options.

Visiting Dispensaries: What Customers Need to Know

Venturing into the world of cannabis in Las Vegas requires understanding several key points. From ensuring you have the right identification to knowing the operating hours and payment methods of your chosen dispensary, being prepared can enhance your experience. Here’s a deeper dive:

Valid ID

In Las Vegas, as in many other places where cannabis is legal for recreational use, a valid identification card proving you are 21 years or older is mandatory. This rule is strictly adhered to, ensuring that only those of legal age can access cannabis products. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, dispensaries will ask for your ID, so having it on hand is crucial. For tourists, it’s worth noting that out-of-state IDs are typically accepted as long as they are government-issued and have a photo.

Operating Hours

Dispensaries in Las Vegas have varying operating hours, catering to the city’s bustling nightlife and the needs of its residents and visitors. Wallflower Cannabis House offers extended timeframes to ensure customers can make their purchases, whether early birds on a Saturday morning or night owls on a Friday night. Additionally, for those who prefer a contactless experience or are on the go, Wallflower offers curbside and drive-thru services available 24/7. This round-the-clock service especially benefits those with late-night cravings or unexpected needs.

Payment Methods

The cannabis industry’s unique position, being legal at the state level but illegal federally, has led to some challenges in payment methods. Cash remains king in most dispensaries due to federal banking regulations. However, as the industry evolves, some dispensaries, like Wallflower, have started accepting major debit cards, providing customers with an added convenience layer. It’s always a good idea to check the payment methods accepted by a dispensary before visiting. For those interested in the specifics of Wallflower’s payment methods, their FAQ section provides detailed information on what’s accepted and any potential fees or charges associated with different payment methods.

The Future of Cannabis Payment in Las Vegas

As the industry grows, there’s hope for more convenient customer payment methods. For those interested in the broader regulatory landscape of cannabis, this document offers a comprehensive overview of state cannabis regulations.

Concluding the Credit Card Debate in Las Vegas Dispensaries

The dynamic nature of the cannabis industry in Las Vegas offers a unique experience for residents and tourists. While payment methods remain a topic of discussion, the industry continues to thrive, ensuring a promising future for cannabis enthusiasts.

If you’re in Las Vegas and seeking the best cannabis experience with convenient payment options, look no further than Wallflower Cannabis House. Visit today and discover the Wallflower difference!