The 9 Best Places to Watch Sports in Las Vegas

Jul 21, 2021 | Entertainment

If you’re a major sports fan looking for an excellent spot where you can watch some of your favorite games, then look no further. Las Vegas is a city that can provide you with anything you want, and sports bars are one of those many places you can go to enjoy some quality drinks, meals, and sports games. Ever since the city managed to adopt the Golden Knights, tons of sports bars started to pop up all over the place. 

The sports bars in Vegas will have you chugging down some of the best quality beer around and eat some of the tastiest meals around. All of this can be done while enjoying the game on a massive HDTV that fills the room up. Regardless of the sport you are a fan of, tons of sports bars are playing your favorite game. 

If you are considering placing some wagers on your favorite teams, some of these sports bars are on the Strip. They are conveniently located near a sports book, such as the TAP at MGM, or offer several ways to bet. Some of the Strip located sports bars also have mobile apps you can take advantage of to place wagers, regardless of your location. 

Outside of the Strip, there are plenty of excellent bars following teams or specific sports. Some of these even play international games like soccer, so if you want to catch a game back home, you’ll likely find a sports bar playing your favorite team. For this post, let’s go over some of the best places to watch sports games while in Vegas. 


1. Beerhaus

Beerhaus is an excellent sports bar found at The Park, located near the pedestrian area right next to Park MGM. The sports bar has taken the beer hall idea to a whole new level, with craft beer and food made with healthy cuts of meat and locally sourced produce. The setting is very casual and offers an excellent location for friends to hang out and watch the game on one of the many TVs littered around the room. They even have a setup for people to pass the time playing Connect Four. 

Beerhaus provides its customers with a sizable selection of beers to choose from, with some of them being from local breweries. The food you can purchase from this place includes hotdogs, ribs, burgers, and a wide variety of sides and snacks such as pretzels with cheese, tater tots, and wings.


2. Hardway 8

Hardway 8 is a sports bar with a rich history behind it and was the bar that paved the way for more sports bars to appear throughout the city. In 1977, the UNLV’s men basketball team managed to climb their way to the top of the NCAA Tournament but lose at the end by a single point to North Carolina in the Final Four. Since then, the team earned the name Hardway 8, and while they may have become national champions, they made spots into a big deal around that time. 

Hardway 8 provides an assortment of food that will leave you satisfied for hours. Their pounded-thin pork Jagerschnitzel, rabbit sausage bangers and mash, grilled vegetable panini, and Reuben sandwiches are some of the popular choices on their menu. You can also find a mural dedicated to the city’s history of jai alai and a photo montage containing pro athletes doing things they most likely regret. 


3. The Front Yard

Located on Ellis Island, The Front Yard provides its customers with an assortment of delicious beers, such as the Triple Belgian straight and a chocolate stout. All of these drinks are acquired from its sister property on the Ellis SIland Brewery on a seasonal basis. The venue provides both outdoor and indoor options, with a second floor containing a view of the Las Vegas Strip. It comes with retractable ceiling shades, expansive windows, low lighting, wood fixtures, and garden walls that fill out the whole area. To enjoy the latest games, you can eat some delicious snacks such as beer-brined chicken wings, giant pretzels, and crispy pork belly bites. For a much bigger meal, you can get a roasted chicken dinner, steak fries, flatbreads, and more. 


4. Beer Park

Beer Park provides its guests with enough TVs to watch the latest sports games. It also has an excellent view of the Strip and the Fountains of Bellagio. The sports bar lives up to its name and provides over 100 beer choices, with 36 of those beers on tap and a massive selection of handcrafted cocktails. Any sports fan out there will never run out of beer choices when they are enjoying their games. The menu comes packed with all sorts of popular sports bar foods you’d imagine, from burgers to chili cheese fries. 

The picnic tables add to the park-like theme they are going for, along with the grassy sections that contain games such as pool, darts, and Jenga. During the half-time sports, fans can head on over to these areas and find something to do while the game is on pause. With the number of HDTV’s littering Beer Park, it will be easy to settle back into the mood of watching the game and ordering some excellent drinks to cheer for your team. 


5. TAP Sports Bar

TAP Sports Bar is located inside of the MGM Grand. The whole place is loaded with 60 HD flatscreen TVs for every sports view. Furthermore, the sports bar has massive amounts of sports memorabilia covering the entire bar. The menu is packed with some excellent choices of pub goods and includes some wings, burgers, sandwiches, and steaks. They even offer a massive one-liter mug that can be filled with any of their draft beers, which they have an excellent selection of and includes both craft and known brands. 


6. Charlie’s Bar and Grill

The Wynn is known for being one of the many locations that allow people to place bets on their favorite sports teams. However, right nearby is one of the most excellent sports bars and grills you’ll ever go to. Charlie’s Bar and Grill provides its customers with seats that provide a good view of every sports game on ultra-clear 4k screens. 

The menu has some really tasty dishes to try out, such as the Steakhouse burger. They even have an option for you to create your own hotdog. Some of these dishes also come with some side notes on suggested beer pairing, with local draft brews prominently displayed. However, keep in mind that this sports bar is located on the Strip, so expected to pay a bit more than usual. 


7. Lagasse’s Stadium

Lagasse’s Stadium is known for being one of Las Vegas’ premier locations for any sporting event out there. The menu boasts some amazing dishes and provides a game-day favorite, high-quality brews, and more than 100 HD TVs. Sports fans will think they crossed the pearl gates and made it to heaven when they walk into this place. Customers can catch every action from the Lagasse’s Stadium’s plush stadium-style seating or walk over to one of the many billiards tables and pass the time. There is also an onsite sportsbook, so you can place bets on your favorite teams. Some of the dishes you need to try are their spiced baby back ribs and creole burgers. 


8. Stadia Bar

Stadia Bar is an attractive location and has gone out of its way to prove that sports bars can also be considered cocktail lounges. The bar services tons of premium drinks, and choose your own adventure highball cart, barrel-aged whiskey, and exciting infusion. While it does have a sports theme surrounding the bar, it’s a bit on the subtle side. However, the floor is made out of old basketball courts, and leather-wrapped domes are fashioned after football helmets that contain private TVs. 

The Stadia Bar is located at the Forum Food Hall, a sizable food court inside Caesars Palace that avoids known brand chains in favor of more exotic ideas. Customers can also bring in food from any of the neighboring restaurants or place orders through their mobile phones. 


9. The Still

The Still is one of the many locations that provide an excellent view no matter where you are sitting from, with nearly 30 televisions hanging from every angle. The sports bar is located inside the Mirage. It’s a sports bar with an excellent modern look with a concrete floor, wooden decor, and gentle glowing lights. It has couches found near the low-top tables and are some of the comfiest couches you’ll ever sit on. 

Customers can order their food near the back of a vintage Airstream that’s been remodeled into a small kitchen and grill. Some excellent dishes include chicken tacos, steak, and grilled mahi-mahi. On Tuesday, they provide a special deal where you can order as many as you’d like for only $29. Chicken wings are served with a wide range of sauces, and they even have a special during a Golden Knights game called “Knight Wing.” If you are looking to fill up on some excellent foods and drinks, then The Still is your place. 


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