Consuming Cannabis Discreetly

Dec 22, 2021 | Cannabis

Whether traveling, attending a social function, or spending time with family, every event isn’t necessarily cannabis-friendly. Fear not, 420 friends: there are plenty of ways to consume cannabis without attracting the attention of those around.


One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis is via edibles. Edibles are often a go-to product due to their portability and innocuous appearance. Often similar in size and shape to chewable vitamins, gummies are an easy way to incorporate cannabis into the day. Other unsuspecting items are cereal bars, chocolate bars, and even macarons!

Additionally, the effects of edibles can often be long-lasting, allowing your high to go a long way.

discreet vape

Discreet Vapes


While a bit more visible, vapes are similarly easy to have on hand. Vape pens, specifically, are known to produce incredibly small clouds of vapour that can largely go undetected. Mojo Cannabis has a variety of carts with fun flavors like blueberry pie.

Some of the best settings for a vape are more populated, outdoor environments. Think concerts, festivals, or situations that might inspire anxiety, for which vaping can be immensely helpful. Cannabis oils and their calming qualities have been shown to positively mitigate the effects of anxiety and depression, along with insomnia.

discreet capsule

THC Capsules


Similar to edibles, THC capsules are also easy to mistake for over the counter medicine or daily vitamins. THC capsules resemble pills, and are taken orally. They deliver THC to the body via the digestive system.

One major benefit of capsules is that they take the guesswork out of dosage. Clearly labeled, capsules offer the information right up front, allowing you to know what to expect. Capsules are also less messy than other options, and are more discreet even than a vape. Free of texture and flavor, capsules are one of the easiest, and most discreet, ways to consume cannabis. Wallflower Cannabis House offers indica, sativa, and CBD capsules depending on the type of effects you’re seeking.